Silk for skin and hair beauty

Restore your skin's natural balance, a healthy and protected skin, and hair in good health.

Expert care

Organic silk and cotton pillowcases, made in France

The only silk pillowcase with a proven enfficiency

  • After 14 nights, skin is more beautiful and smoother [100 %]
  • After 28 nights, the hair regains its glow and ar in better health [96 %]

[Tests made by an independent laboratory]

Silk looks after your skin day and night

The silk pillowcase has already won an award twice

Discover the silk hair mist

This unique and natural care mist formula diffuses a cloud of active molecules to infuse its benefits at the heart of the hair fiber. Immediately silky, the revitalized hair is easier to untangle and radiates strength and shine.

Because beauty is also about well-being

Discover our silk pillowcase mists, soothing and relaxing.

Restful Sleep won an award in the "Best Relaxation Product" category

The Global Green Beauty Awards awards the silver medal to the silk pîllowcase mist "Restful Sleep".

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