Silk pillowcases

Silk looks after your skin night and day

The pillowcase awarded by a Victoire de la Beauté

BIO & VERTUEUX is the category in which the SILKBIOTIC pillowcase received a Victoire de la Beauté. It was awarded by users and values the pillowcase efficiency, as well as its eco-responsibility.

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Gold Medal at the Global Green Beauty Awards

SILKBIOTIC Pillowcase Wins Gold for Best Sleep Beauty Product 2023

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Silk and Its Effectiveness on the Skin

Mulberry silk is the first material with the advantage of being naturally beneficial to the skin: hypoallergenic, thermoregulation, and antibacterial. By preventing the proliferation of bacteria, the SILKBIOTIC pillowcase will be a precious ally for skin with skin balance problems such as acne. The 19-mommes quality silk pillowcase also preserves skin hydration and prevents sleep wrinkles. We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping....our mulberry silk gives your skin and hair hours of pampering!

100% of users find their skin more beautiful and smoother after 14 nights.*

88% of users find their skin regenerated after 28 nights.*

*Tests specific to the SILKBIOTIC™ pillowcase. Self-evaluation, 27 volunteers, results after 14 days of use, use every night.

The SILKBIOTIC silk, unique and distinctive

The SILKBIOTIC silk is a 6A GRADE: the highest possible quality for silk. Woven in France, it is proper to SILKBIOTIC.

It is the only silk whose efficiency on skin is proven, right after the first night. These clinical tests were done by an independent laboratory.

Silk: effective on the hair

Mulberry silk has many benefits for the hair. The 19 momme quality silk pillowcase cares for your scalp and protects your hair. Mulberry silk restores your hair to its original beauty. It prevents the hair from tangling, prevents breakage and makes it softer. The scalp is healthier, the hair is shiny and easier to comb.

96% of users say their hair regains its shine and looks healthier after 28 nights.*

93% of users find their hair shinier and silkier after 28 nights.*

*Tests specific to the SILKBIOTIC™ pillowcase. Self-assessment, 27 volunteers, results after 28 days of use, use every night.

SILKBIOTIC silk pillowcase care instructions

Precautions for use: Wash your pillowcases in the machine, delicate program at 30°C. Do not exceed 400 rpm to preserve the quality of the mulberry silk and all its softness, as well as the quality of the cotton. Use a "delicate laundry" liquid detergent. Air dry naturally.

Directions for use: Sleep peacefully in your bed, on the 19 momme quality mulberry silk face of your soft pillowcase. During your sleep, the skin, scalp and hair will benefit from all the properties of mulberry silk.

During the day, enhance your bed linen and household linen with the face of our printed organic cotton pillowcase, for a decorative effect. The two sides being complementary and harmonious, you can match your sheets, duvets and sets with one of the two sides of the pillowcase.

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Our commitments: innovation, sustainability, efficacy

Laboratoires SILKBIOTIC supports the renaissance of the French silk industry, from the mulberry tree to the pillowcase, in a sustainable way. Our pillowcases are woven and made in France. The packaging of our products is recyclable, designed and manufactured in France.

The SILKBIOTIC pillowcase is composed of a 100% pure mulberry silk face, of first quality 19 mommes and soft, certified Organic (GOTS) and Oeko Tex. The other side of the pillowcase is a 100% colored cotton fabric, certified organic (OCS) and Oeko Tex.

Our SILKBIOTIC mulberry silk pillowcases were tested on 27 volunteers for 28 days, every night. The silk showed significant results on the beauty and quality of the skin from the first night. Optimal skin and hair care results with silk were achieved after 28 days of use, every night.

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Certified organic pillowcases

The pillowcase is made in France and is a two-material design:
- a 100 % mulberrry silk face of 19 mommes, united and as soft as satin, in order to hydrate, smoothing and protecting your skin and hair.
- a 100% organic cotton face, whose print will blend in with your bed linen and bedroom decor.

The SILKBIOTIC silk and cotton are Oeko-Tex certified. Both fabrics are woven in France. All of our pillowcases are machine-washable.

Six good reasons to adopt the SILKBIOTIC silk

  • Proven results

    The only silk whose efficiency has been demonstrated by an independent laboratory

  • A skin visibly more beautiful

    100 % of users find their skin more beautiful and smoother after 14 nights.*

  • Healthy hair

    96 % of users declare that their hair find its glow backa and are in better health after 28 nights.

  • Organic certified

    The label GOTS (Globall Organic Textile Standard) guarantees production and transformation processes that respect people and the environment.

  • 6A GRADE quality

    The 6A Grade ensures the highest possible quality of silk thread.

  • Made in France

    More than a french brand, our production is French: weaving, confection and assembly in Auvergne-Rhône Alpes.