Silk at the heart of science: discover the Laboratoires SILKBIOTIC's patented innovations

Multi-correction eye serum
Multi-correction eye serum
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Protect the skin to rebalance it

Nowadays, more and more people are facing a dysfunction of their skin barrier.

71% of adults say that they have a sensitive skin ou that they meet irritations and skin inflammations issues.

82% of people in the world have skin problems, such as itching, red patches and irritations.

The natural protecting and regenerating cellular mechanisms are altered by endogenous and exogenous factors: all women and men can be, temporarily or chronically, involved in this skin imbalance.

Silk, the repairing and protecting super active ingredient for your skin

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The SILKBIOME innovation

The silk cocoon primary fonction is to protect against germs and external disturbances.

The cocoon is composed of two main silk proteins, fibroin and sericin. Thanks to these proteins, the cocoon preserves and protects.
From this assessment, Pr. Redziniak developed the first patent filed made from silk, the SILKBIOME complex. We find it at the heart of all dermocosmetic cares formulas.

The SILKBIOME complex associates silk proteins to prebiotics and postbiotics, in order to compensate the skin microbiota imbalance.

The SILKBIOME complex actions

1. To rebalance the skin microbiota
2. To protect from bacterial and urban pollution
3. To prevent from bad bacteria to build-up and fix on the skin
4. To hydrate and smoothe the skin texture


  • Naturality

    More than 95% of natural origin ingredients

  • Patented innovations

    Scientific researches in collaboration with the CNRS in Montpellier

  • Made in France

    Invention, development, production made in France

Discover the multi-correction eye serum

Entrust your skin to the super active silk