Originally: The work of Professor Redziniak

When Professor REDZINIAK began his first research on silk in the 1990s, he opened the door to incredible discoveries based on silk cocoons.

His first line of research with silk was the water balance of the skin. An expert in cell biology, he knows that night is the ideal regeneration time for the skin. He explores the issue of exogenous factors that influence the capacity for regeneration: he discovers that silk, thanks to the hydrophobic nature of its fiber, helps to respect the water balance of the skin and hair.

The silk cocoon to protect and regenerate

Then in the years 2000 to 2010, Professor Redziniak became interested in another property of the silk cocoon: protection.

When he takes his grandchildren in his arms for the first time, two newborn twins, he realizes that there are protective and regenerative capacities in the skin's evolution process, inspiring for the cosmetic care of tomorrow. . A new idea was born, he then began an unprecedented scientific quest: to recreate the properties of the silk cocoon at the molecular level.

From cocoon to butterfly: The creation of Laboratoires SILKBIOTIC

Between 2010 and 2020, another evolution takes place in the Redziniak family: Fanny embraces the dreams of scientific and cosmetic developments of her father, Pr. Gérard Redziniak. She co-founded with Valérie Sabatier, biochemist and professor of innovation, Benu Blanc and Laboratoires SILKBIOTIC.

Their desire: to bring silk, for all its exceptional properties in skin and hair care, to the heart of science to make effective, powerful and innovative cosmetic treatments.

Today, putting silk at the heart of science

Laboratories SILKBIOTIC are pioneers in research on silk as an active ingredient for dermo-cosmetic care. A portfolio of exclusive patents makes it possible to address the issues of protection, healing and cellular regeneration .

In collaboration with the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), the Charles Gerhardt Montpellier Institute and Professor Bégu's team, Laboratories SILKBIOTIC are innovating and developing new patents to provide you with ever more effective care.

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Our values

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Scientifically proven results

All our products have undergone effectiveness tests carried out by an independent laboratory. They have shown remarkable and visible results on all skin types, even the most sensitive, thanks to silk proteins.


A portfolio of original patents

We rely on the expertise of Professor Redziniak, a world-renowned expert in the world of cosmetics. The properties of silk are enhanced by patented technological innovations. Our exclusive formulas contain active silk complexes.


Ingredient origin and the sustainable sector

We participate in a responsible and sustainable sector, from production to packaging. With more than 95% of natural origin, our products are formulated and manufactured in France.
Soie protéines SILKBIOTIC
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