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Restful Sleep is a relaxing pillow mist designed by the Laboratoires SILKBIOTIC, with an efficacy proven by a French independent laboratory.

Patented technology: a long-lasting efficacy thanks to a patented technology of microencapsulation with silk proteins.

Silver medals at the 2023 GREEN BEAUTY AWARD in the category "Best relaxation product".


Immediate Results on Sleep

Immediate results on sleep and falling asleep:

From the first use, 100% of users* feel soothed. They also attest to a feeling of comfort.

From 7 nights, 100% of users** find that their sleep time is shorter. Sleep quality is improved and nocturnal awakenings are less frequent.

At the end of the tests, carried out by an independent laboratory, 100% of users are convinced by the product.

Discover a natural way to improve your sleep and your falling asleep.

* Self-evaluation, 27 users, results after 1 day of use. **Self-assessment, 27 users, results after 7 days of use, once a day.

  • 98% ingredients of natural origin
  • Alcohol-free
  • 100% natural fragrance
  • Essential oil: Roman Chamomile (excellent tolerance)
Olfactory Pyramid

Let yourself be enveloped in a protective cocoon filled with softness. Feel this comforting fragrance that will soothe and relax you.

Top notes: green, fresh herbal, almond

Heart notes: floral (orange blossom, Roman chamomile and rose) and fruity (apple, yellow fruit, peach and raspberry)

Base notes: greedy and sweet amber

Brume oreiller sommeil
brume oreiller sommeil
brume sommeil soie
brume oreiller sommeil

How to Use the Peaceful Sleep Pillow Mist

Spray 3 to 5 clouds of your Peaceful Sleep mist on your pillowcase a few minutes before bedtime.

More information

A 98.4% composition of ingredients of natural origin

Contains: Orange blossom water, Roman chamomile essential oil, hydrolyzed silk protein.

Contains Levulinic Acid. Can produce an allergic reaction.

Active ingredients complementary to silk

Discover the actions of active ingredients complementary to silk:

Orange blossom water: Soothes
- Calms the mind - Helps you fall asleep - Smell
floral, fruity and refreshing

Roman chamomile essential oil: Soothes - Calms - Floral and relaxing scent

Effectiveness on sleep and drowsiness

Studies carried out by an independent laboratory.

Effectiveness of pillow mist on falling asleep

100% of users feel soothed at bedtime, from the first use*

The technology of our Peaceful Sleep pillow mist offers you a real moment of well-being, rest and relaxation before bedtime. Immediately, 100% of users feel soothed at bedtime*. 96% of them feel more relaxed, and for 93% of them the Peaceful Sleep mist has a calming effect.

100% of users fall asleep faster after 7 days of use**.

Effectiveness of pillow mist on sleep quality

It also improves the quality of sleep: sleep is calmer, deeper and more restorative. This soothing mist also helps fight fatigue:

100% of users feel less tired during the day**.

It is after 7 nights that the results are the most remarkable. Users attest to the following benefits on the quality of their sleep:

- users say they sleep better

- users say their sleep is deeper

- users say their sleep is more restful

- users say they wake up less often at night

- users say they are more rested when they wake up

- users say they are less tired during the day

These tests were carried out by an independent laboratory, in compliance with the state of the art, without any distinction of the brand for users. Sample size conforms to current beauty and wellness testing.

* Self-evaluation, 27 users, results after 1 day of use. **Self-assessment, 27 users, results after 7 days of use, once a day.

The other benefits of pillow mist and our expertise with silk

Peaceful Sleep Pillow Mist is made with 98.4% ingredients of natural origin. Its fragrance is 100% natural.

  • This Peaceful Sleep pillow mist contains our innovative hydrolyzed silk protein technology at a 10% concentration. These silk amino acids help to increase the elasticity of the skin. They reduce and prevent skin aging. Silk moisturizes and revitalizes skin and hair. It also increases the shine of the hair.
  • Orange blossom floral water is particularly soothing and reduces stress levels: it promotes relaxation and falling asleep. For the skin, it is soothing and revitalizing. It softens the skin, regenerates it and illuminates it by giving radiance and light to the complexion.
  • Its 100% natural fragrance, derived from orange blossom floral water and Roman chamomile essential oil, offers you a delicate relaxing and pleasant smell.

Alcohol-free, this mist with a sweet fragrance is made to soothe you, reduce the time you fall asleep and naturally improve your sleep, while providing you with a beauty treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Peaceful Sleep Pillow Mist last?

If you mist 3-5 clouds every night on your pillow, your mist will last about 2 months.

Does Pillow Mist contain alcohol?

No, Peaceful Sleep Pillow Mist is alcohol-free.

Does Peaceful Sleep Pillow Mist contain essential oils?

Yes, the Peaceful Sleep Pillow Mist contains Roman Chamomile essential oil, which is known to have soothing and relaxing properties. It is also recommended for sensitive skin. It has one of the best tolerances among essential oils.

Does the essential oil of Roman Chamomile have a good tolerance?

Yes, Roman Chamomile has very good skin tolerance. It has no known contraindications and is very often used in body care. It is one of the most relaxing and neutral plants known. It can be used in children and pregnant and breastfeeding women: however, it is always recommended to seek advice from your pharmacist for specific cases.

Can I mist my bed linen?

Yes, you can absolutely spray on your sheets, your cover, your duvet. You can use this spray on all textiles and especially bed linen.

Does this mist contain lavender?

No, although lavender is known for its relaxing properties and often used in mists, this mist does not contain lavender essential oil. It also does not contain citrus.

Is this mist organic?

No, this mist is 98.4% natural, but it is not organic. We have chosen to favor natural products over organic products.

Can I also perfume my house?

What's good for your bed and your bedroom is also good for your home! Feel free to spray this mist any time of the day or night when you're looking for a soothing, relaxing, and anti-stress effect.

Silver Medal at the Global Green Beauty Awards

SILKBIOTIC pillow mist wins silver in the Best Relaxant Product category. It has been acclaimed for its soothing effect and the softness of its olfactory pyramid.

  • 98.4% ingredients of natural origin

  • Suitable for the whole family

  • Proven effectiveness on sleep quality and time taken to fall asleep

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Frédéric R.

Un plaisir de s'endormir tous les soirs. Je prend ma petite brume en week-end avec moi.

Stéphanie DE CRUZ

Odeur très agréable et douce

Dodo calme

Cette odeur est vraiment très douce et apaisante. Je me détend. Et quand je me réveille la nuit, j'en remet et je me sens mieux.

Brume de sommeil

Je dors bien

Aurélia Polski
Je dors comme un bébé

J'adore cette odeur apaisante. Je m'endors bien, je dors mieux. Cela fait 15 nuits que j'utilise le produit, et je vais continuer !