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CARE MIST - 150 ml

Hydration - Shine

98% of natural origin ingredients
Alcohol free
No rinse
For all types of hair
This natural and unique care mist formula diffuses a cloud of active molecules to infuse its benefits at the heart of the hair fiber.
Immediately silky, the revitalized hair is easier to untangle and radiates strength and shine.
This light mist has to be delicately sprayed all over the hair, and immediately brings hydration and glow.


    Active ingredients

    Silk water: Moisturizes - Protects - Brings shine and health to the hair
    Organic origin aloe vera juice: Moisturizes - Soothes - Revitalizes - Antioxidant
    Active ingredient derived from fermented radish: Nourrishes and Softens the hair - Relieves from inflammations
    Active ingredient derived from castor oil: Nourrishes - Repairs - Fortifies - Brings shine to the hair

    Natural vanilla frangrance

    Immediate results

    From the first application*, you
    obtain hydration, softness and a delicate fragrance for your hair:

    100% of users find their hair immediately softer

    93% of users find their hair immediately silkier

    Results +7 days

    From 7 days* of daily use, your hair will regain hydration and shine :

    • 83% of users find their hair looks more hydrated
    • 90% of users say their hair regains its shine
    Results + 28 days

    It is by following a daily application protocol for 28 days* that you will obtain even better results with:

    • a beautiful shine , for 93% of users
    • visibly healthier hair, for 80% of users
    Composition INCI


    Brume cheveux soie
    brume cheveux Victoire de la beauté soie
    Brume cheveux soie france
    Brume cheveux soie aloe vera huile ricin

    Directions for silky hair

    Soft and delicately scented hair effect immediately

    Spray your SILK HAIR mist all over your hair, once or twice a day, to enhance and perfume it.

    For a long-lasting care routine: mist every evening

    Every evening, before going to bed, spray the treatment mist all over your hair, particularly on the lengths and ends.

    For optimal effectiveness, use in the evening in addition to the Laboratoires SILKBIOTIC silk pillowcase.

    Silk hair wins a Victoire de la Beauté

    Awarded by customers who independently tries the products, Silk Hair won a Victoire de la Beauté in the "ClEAN BEAUTY" category.

    Testimonials from Victoire de la Beuté testers

    Pleasant to apply, with a soft, fruity fragrance. Dries quickly and leaves the hair soft.

    Khalissa, 46 years old

    Natural and healthy product for the hair

    Mathilde, 27 years old

    Good scent and practical to use

    Soheila, 36 years old

    Hair very soft avec application and drying. It's easy to use.

    Aurélie, 37 years old

    My hair is more beautiful.

    Iona, 39 years old

    More information

    Silk at the heart of the hair mist

    Silk is recognized for its protective properties of the hair and fights against dehydration. It offers intrinsic protective film and hydration properties to the hair. It brings shine and health without greasing. It is excellent for all hair types, especially dry, weakened and textured hair.

    Alcohol-free mist and with 98% ingredients of natural origin

    At the heart of this formula: aloe vera, silk, castor oil

    Aloe vera deeply moisturizes your hair. Aloe vera juice is hydrating, revitalizing and anti-oxidant.
    Silk is recognized for its protective properties of the hair fiber. Like a cocoon, it protects the hair from external aggressions and gives it shine and softness.
    Our active ingredient derived from castor oil, a powerful emollient, offers shine, suppleness and softness to your hair.
    Our natural vanilla scent delicately perfumes your hair.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does the mist make the hair and scalp greasy?

    No, the mist leaves the hair light. During effectiveness tests, users found that the mist left the hair light for 100% of them.

    Does the mist help detangle hair?

    The mist formula softens the hair. In effectiveness tests, users found that the mist helped detangle hair immediately for 87% of them.

    Is the hair mist organic?

    No, it's not organic. We have chosen to favor natural rather than organic products for our body, hair and skin care ranges. However, 80% of these ingredients are of organic origin.

    Is this spray scented?

    Yes, the mist lightly perfumes your hair. In the opinion of the testers, after a few sprays on the hair, they are discreetly perfumed with a pleasant fragrance. Your hair is thus delicately scented after application.

    If you are using perfume, there should be no disadvantages as the different scents are not applied in the same places, and the scent of the silk hair mist is delicate - whereas a regular perfume is intended to be rather persistent.

    Is this hair treatment good for curly and textured hair?

    By providing hydration and care, the hair mist also meets the needs of curly and textured hair.

    Does this treatment contain water?

    Yes, but water is not its first ingredient! This is often the case in care because water is a component that is not expensive. We have chosen to use aloe-vera juice as the first component. This is how we can increase the moisturizing power for the hair fiber and improve the feeling of softness in terms of texture.

    Does mist protect from the sun?

    No, this hair mist does not contain UV filters. It is not made to be a sunscreen. It is made to provide you with long-lasting care, to moisturize and coat the hair fiber, so that the hair is more beautiful, shinier and less brittle.

    When should I use hair spray?

    You can use it after your shampoo, conditioner or mask. You can use it on damp hair or dry hair. It is a leave-in, leave-in treatment. It complements a shampoo.

    This leave-in treatment is intended for the health and beauty of your hair.

    Is this product vegan?

    Silk hair is not a vegan labeled product. Silk is natural but not vegan, and this mist is based on silk water.

    Is this product compatible with a treatment cream?

    This mist is not incompatible with other hair products. But if you want the individual effects of your products, you can use them separately. The Silk Hair Mist can be used at any time of the day or evening, on dry or damp hair.

    Does this spray contain alcohol?

    No, the silk hair mist is alcohol-free.

    What should I do if I have mist on my face?

    Don't worry, there aren't any counter-indications.

    • 98% ingredients of natural origin

    • Suitable for all hair types

    • Proven effectiveness

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Laurent Valy

    Une fois n'est pas coutume, je suis un homme qui a la faiblesse de croire qu'il a les cheveux soyeux et votre produit est tout simplement magique

    Des cheveux doux

    La brume fait les cheveux doux et ça sent bon.


    Attention à ne pas trop en mettre. la première fois j'en ai mis beaucoup trop. Maintenant je met juste 3 pschitts. Vous devriez le préciser sur le mode d'emploi.

    Best seller

    C'est une brume pour les cheveux à base de soie. La soie permet de donner un côté brillant et doux très agréable.

    Une dinguerie

    LE soin qu'il me fallait. Mais c'est TELLEMENT ce dont j'avais besoin pour mes cheveux. j'en met tous les jours et franchement j'en suis presque à en mettre deux fois par jour, rien que pour le plaisir. Et ça parfume trop bien les cheveux.