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SILKBIOTIC Wins Two AWARDS At The Global Green Beauty Awards 2023

The Global Green Beauty Awards: prizes committed to eco-responsible beauty

The Global Green Beauty Awards is a prize list rewarding eco-responsible, green and ethical beauty. These very competitive prices celebrate the evolution of the beauty industry towards products, packaging and supplies that are more respectful of our skin and our planet. In 2023, the 4th edition of the Global Green Beauty Awards, with more than 650 entries, highlights the best examples of responsible and ethical beauty brands.

This competition rewards eco-responsible, natural, organic or sustainable beauty products. More specifically, it highlights the best products that respect the environment, cleans, ethical, natural, organic, vegan, cruelty free or even sustainable or zero waste packaging. He makes a point of honor to products for well-being, to feel soothed and healthy.

The Global Green Beauty Awards offer prizes in several categories: natural products, organic products, products with plant ingredients, vegan products, products with eco-responsible packaging, ethical products, well-being products and food supplements.

The Global Green Beauty Awards are led by a jury made up of a team of beauty industry experts. This group of women is responsible for testing the products and determining the winners of the Global Green Beauty Awards. To award these awards, they rely on two key factors. They first assess the effectiveness and performance of the product during use, then they analyze to what extent the product meets the criteria of sustainability and eco-responsibility.

2 AWARDS FOR SILKBIOTIC: International recognition

SILKBIOTIC is honored to have received 2 awards, a gold award and a silver award, at the prestigious Global Green Beauty Awards 2023 in the "Wellness" category. This represents international recognition for the brand.

These 2 awards distinguish our determination to offer high quality products that are truly healthy, efficient and effective. SILKBIOTIC products show scientifically proven results on skin and hair, which has allowed us to win 2 international awards issued by professionals in the beauty sector. All our products are tested for effectiveness in an independent laboratory and have proven remarkable and visible results on the skin and hair.

Our 2 awards at the Global Green Beauty Awards 2023 also celebrate our commitment to respecting our skin and our environment. We are proud that our values ​​based on the responsibility and sustainability of the cosmetics industry are highlighted today. All our products are formulated and manufactured in France, with more than 95% natural and/or organic ingredients. Our packaging is all recyclable, and where possible from recycled or refillable materials. We are committed to respecting a strict formulation charter on cosmetic ingredients. We select few ingredients, but ingredients that are truly effective and compatible even with sensitive skin, excluding from our formulas a list of controversial ingredients.

global green beauty awards gold silk pillowcase

SILKBIOTIC Silk Pillowcase: GOLD AWARD for “Best Sleep Product”

The SILKBIOTIC silk pillowcase won first prize at the Global Green Beauty Awards 2023. It won the gold medal for "Best Sleep Product" in the "Wellness" category.

The juries of the Global Green Beauty Awards 2023, described our silk pillowcase SILKBIOTIC as follows: "Take care of your skin, your hair and your well-being with this silk pillowcase with proven effectiveness. . With a front side in organic silk and a back side in organic cotton, the pillowcase is woven and made in France. In one study, they found that after 14 nights, 100% of users found their skin smoother and more beautiful. »

Indeed, our SILKBIOTIC silk pillowcase is a real beauty care product for the skin and hair, made in France. The 100% 19 momme quality silk face is organic and Oeko-Tex certified. SILKBIOTIC silk shows scientifically proven benefits from the first use. It revives the hydration of your skin and your hair, for a more beautiful and smoother skin and stronger hair, from 28 days.

silkbiotic pillow mist global green beauty awards

SILKBIOTIC Peaceful Sleep Pillow Mist: SILVER AWARD for “Best Relaxation Product”

SILKBIOTIC's Peaceful Sleep Pillow Mist won a second prize at the 2023 Global Green Beauty Awards. It won the silver medal for "Best Relaxation Product" in the "Wellness" category.

The juries of the Global Green Beauty Awards 2023, described our SILKBIOTIC Peaceful Sleep Pillow Mist: "The Peaceful Sleep Pillow Mist was designed to be used with their silk pillowcase, which won gold best sleep product at this year's Global Green Beauty Awards. This alcohol-free product diffuses a 100% natural fragrance of Roman chamomile. It was designed to help you relax and fall asleep.

Our Peaceful Sleep mist is a wellness product made with 98.4% ingredients of natural origin. Orange blossom water and chamomile essential oil bring a delicate fragrance to your SILKBIOTIC silk pillowcase. The results are scientifically proven, from the first use, you are soothed and relaxed. From 7 nights of use, falling asleep is easier and the quality of sleep is improved: it is deeper and more restorative.

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